To give every human being access to an electronic medical advising device that can highlight the best solution to any known ailment they may have or are about to contract anywhere and at any time.
— Sentinel Biosensor - 2013

We wrote our mission statement 4 years ago because we saw the problem coming. At the time, it was science fiction -We’re about to make it ‘Science fact’.


Sentinel continuously searches for patterns in the vitals that indicate conditions such as Sepsis could be developing. When detected, Sentinel alerts the right people instantly. We catch life-threatening conditions before they are life threatening.

The outcome is not only better for the patient but also dramatically cheaper to treat.

On top of this, we will also offer the clinician 'suggestions' on how they might best treat the condition and which hospital policies to enact. The suggestions are from other clinicians - Sentinel incorporates 'supervised machine learning' - It learns and gets better at not only recognizing conditions but also with suggestions as to how to treat them.