It just works - Anywhere

We harness expert medical knowledge, we innovate and then we push technology.

We use supervised machine learning to keep improving and evolving our models with expert knowledge.

We use A.I. and Machine learning on medications combined with lab results.

Sentinel can suggest tests based on medications or lab results and can then order the tests automatically.


Supervised Machine Learning

Sentinel searches for patterns in vital signs that indicate conditions such as Sepsis may be developing. It does this every 120 seconds 24x7.

 Sentinel incorporates 'supervised machine learning'

It learns and gets better at not only recognizing conditions but also with suggestions as to how to treat them.

Our A.I. models are local - On the device and always available.


Sentinel takes world class healthcare to wherever it is needed.

5 E.U. University hospitals said that our system:-

"would advance the field ahead"

and that our companies drive for innovation and pushing boundaries is clear


They scored us 8/10 for innovation and quality of our team




Sentinel works the way it's users want and it helps them improve.

Sentinel learns, it gets 'smarter' and adapts where ever it is used.