It just works


We harness expert medical knowledge, we innovate and then we push technology.

Sentinel has full (2-way) access to the main hospital EHR and all lab results from which it builds annonymised A.I. models

As part of the Nightingale project we are building a ‘self-learning’ clinical decision support system built on very ‘big-data’.

Nightingale 2 will add at least a further 10 Hospitals and the dataset will be one of the largest in the world with billions of datapoints from millions of patients.

This results in the accuracy of our models being very high.

Whatever the condition is and however rare the circumstances are, the system has probably seen it many times before.

It is well placed to predict what will happen and what treatments previously worked best.

Together with the academic input of the 5 University Hospitals these are exciting times that push medical technology and turn science fiction into science-fact.

Sentinel can also suggest tests based on medications or lab results and can then order the tests automatically with the clinicians permission. Sentinel helps but never takes control.

Human clinicians are pretty good at what they do

They have an invaluable 6th sense and a wealth of experiece

Humans always stay in charge.


Supervised Machine Learning

Sentinel searches for patterns in vital signs that indicate conditions such as Sepsis and Pneumonia may be developing. It does this every 120 seconds 24x7.

Sentinel learns from humans, it gets 'smarter' and adapts where ever it is used.

Our A.I. models are local - On the device and always available even when off-grid


Sentinel takes world class healthcare to wherever it is needed.