The most advanced

medical grade


vital signs monitor





Sentinel constantly monitors

A full set of vital signs including blood pressure and ECG.

Looking for trends improving or deteriorating before they become life-threatening.

Clinical risk through NEWS2, PEWS or MEWS scores every 120 seconds.

Alerting the people that need to know when needed and suppressing false alarms


It Just works

No web or network connection needed.

A.I. and Supervised M.L models are local - Expert knowledge is available where ever it is needed.

Automatic re-sync and EHR \ FHIR \ HL7 \ SNOMED-CT update when connectivity restored - No reverting to paper during system downtime.


group based

Work as a team - coordinate tasks and workflow.

Patients and their alerts can be moved between groups - ICU to Ward to home.

Users build and tailor their groups to suit their needs - The system works the way users need it to work.


We are developing Sentinel in collaboration with 5 Academic University Hospitals from across the E.U. 

We have unparalleled access to some of the best medical knowledge in the world.


Sentinel is built on world class medical knowledge combined with innovation that will surprise you.


Sentinel is the next generation of vital signs monitoring.


Sentinel is needed

Not because we say so but because some of the worlds most highly experienced experts do.

They chose Sentinel from over 60 other submissions.

The E.U. business case, the savings and why we are building Sentinel can be found here


Sentinel is part of the E.U. Horizon 2020 Project Nightingale